Pugliese Pasta Making Classes

Bruna Pizzinchini is a legendary name in Salento, having worked for many years offering specialist experiences to high-end hotels and private Palazzos. We are proud to announce Bruna’s new collaboration with Castle Elvira.

 Bruna’s Pasta Making Class

Join Bruna in the Castle kitchen and learn how to make Orecchiette, Tria, and other traditional Pugliese pasta. You will master rolling and shaping techniques and be taught the nuance between ’00 flour,’ ‘semolina,’ and ‘gluten-free alternatives.’ After just one class, you can quickly become a pro pasta maker. 

Once your handmade pasta is ready, Bruna will demonstrate the art of making a traditional tomato sauce using her very own recipe. The pasta will be cooked to perfection, and you can enjoy the past with the tomato sauce topped with Bruna’s choice of cheese and a glass of wine.

Bruna’s Cooking Demonstration – Join Bruna in the Castle Kitchen, and she will lead you through the process of cooking a traditional Salentino dish or even a Greek Spanakopita; she will reveal her secret ingredients and methods. Of course, you get to share and enjoy the dish afterwards.

Bruna’s Private Dining—Bruna can serve as your private chef for any special occasion. You might prefer to dine in the castle’s stunning dining room or out on the castle terrace rather than at the Elvira restaurant. Every menu is bespoke for your special event.

Bruna’s Lecce Shopping Experience—Bruna will collect you from Castle Elvira, take the short 10-minute trip into Lecce with you, and guide you through the beautiful city, a.k.a. “The Florence Of The South.” Lecce is famous for its ‘Cartapesta’ (Paper Mache Art, many antique collectables), ceramics, jewellery, vintage shopping, culiìnary delicacies, exceptional wines, and digestives. You can take advantage of special discounts that Bruna has negotiated with  specialist shops that you will visit.

Where: In the Castles, private kitchen for all culinary experiences, and The Tours are in In Lecce.

What’s included: All ingredients and equipment are provided, and you will enjoy the pasta for lunch afterwards, accompanied by a glass of wine to compliment the dish. 

When: It is best to book the experiences in advance to ensure they’re available. Please contact us to book them for you. Pasta classes are only available as a lunch experience at starting at 11 a.m.

Price: Pasta classes €110 per person. Other bespoke cooking demonstrations and private dining experiences require bespoke pricing per event.