Pugliese Pasta Making Classes

The Elvira pasta making classes are one of our most popular and fun experiences. Join our private chef in the Castle kitchen and learn how to make Orecchiette, Tria and other traditional Pugliese pastas.
You will learn master rolling and shaping techniques as well as understanding the nuances between “00 flour”,“semolino flour” and “gluten free alternatives”.
You can easily become a pro-pasta maker after just one class.
Included in the price, our chef will prepare and serve you your own hand made pasta with a choice of homemade sauces.

The Castle Kitchen

Whats included:
All ingredients and equipment are provided.
The pasta can be taken away to enjoy once back home or used in one of our chefs pasta recipes by the Elvira Restaurant (charged separately).

The classes are arranged on request at least 24 hours in advance.

From €50 per person

Other baking and cooking classes can be arranged, please enquire.