Wine Tasting

We collaborate with a local high end Cantina (wine producers) who will be at your disposal for a wine tasting, tour of the vineyard and several tailor-made experiences.

If you prefer not to travel, we can arrange a private wine tastings in our Castle’s beautiful dining room. Our wine tastings are hosted by our in-house sommelier, who will gently guide you through this bespoke experience.

Get to know the flavours of our region’s delicious reds, whites and rosées and learn how to differentiate between Primitivo and Negroamaro or Greco Bianco and Verdeca.

We can also offer vegan, kosher and organic wine options to suit every palate.

Where: Either at the Cantina or the Castle dining room.

Whats included: The 2 hour Wine Tasting Experience includes all wines and a selection of small “antipasti” dishes.
End the experience with a large glass of the wine of your choice.

When: The in-house Wine Tasting Experiences are arranged on request at least 24 hours in advance.
To ensure availability it is best to book the Cantinas as early as possible, even during the reservation process.
We will always do our best to secure your requests.

Price: Prices on request

Please ask for more information regarding time sensitive experiences, for example harvesting and grape treading.