Our story

The Elvira Legend

Castle Elvira was built by a Romani Military General and entrepreneur, and he was inspired to build the Castle as a gift for his beautiful teenage daughter Elvira, whom the castle was named after. As urban legend would have it, the family took the castle as their summer residence for the first time in the same year that the castle was completed. Elvira, the sweet girl that she was, decided, as a surprise for her parents, to cook a special pasta lunch for them using herbs and mushrooms that grew on the estate; tragically, Elvira had mistakenly picked a very poisonous type of mushroom rather than an edible variety, and sadly by the time her parent had returned, Elvira had already passed away. The parents, utterly devastated, locked the Castle’s doors, still fully finished, and left, never to return again. Steve and Harvey, the owners, felt it was essential to keep the name Castle Elvira in her honour.

The Restoration

Castle Elvira may looked utterly unchanged since the day it was built, but don’t be fooled; the Castle conceals a million secrets, and in fact, the Castle’s technical systems are state-of-the-art. Although the Castle’s beautiful Cementine tiled floors are original, they were carefully removed and restored, and all of the technical systems were installed inside the floors and under the tiles. The owners insisted that not one modern machine would be visible to the eye, and they certainly achieved success. The use of air source heat pumps, photovoltaic and battery storage systems, and with sustainability always in mind, a myriad of other technical adaptations and installations were implemented, which contributed to a whopping 40% self- management and production of the castle energy consumption.

The Art & design

Art and design are at the heart of Castle Elvira and part of our DNA. Throughout the entire property, you will find stunning and unique art pieces, and antiques that were collected over time, there are also many bespoke pieces created just for Elvira. Most of the art is available to purchase, and owner and resident artist Harvey B-Brown offers the opportunity to take advantage of our fantastic portrait Experience; please ask for details.

Our Team & Our Service

At Elvira, we do not employ robots; we employ our staff because they have big beating hearts and they love what they do. We aim to give you 5-star service, but with a less formal approach; our team will always be happy to serve you but also careful not to over-serve you. We have put into use a guest WhatsApp line; wherever you are, whatever you need, send us a quick message, and we will deliver within minutes. Our front-of-house is there to arrange and organise any activity or request you might have, such as transport, restaurant reservations, boat trips, or beach club reservations; if it its available, we will arrange it.